GreenValue aims to be the 'go to' source when businesses are looking to realise the business value of going green.

GreenValue has developed a technology engine which brings cost and energy management consultants together with suppliers of energy reduction products and services to provide companies and organisations with prioritised, RoI-justified projects which deliver new ways to improve their financial bottom line by going green.

Many businesses and organisations around the world have already found significant financial benefits from going green. GreenValue’s technology and support is a low cost, minimal risk and maximum impact approach to enabling many more to find the business value of going green.

Who is it for?

Do you advise clients about how to reduce their energy bills?

GreenValue makes it easy for you to find and implement energy savings for your clients in a large range of areas. This is not only good for your clients, but also good news for you too, extending your business opportunities, deepening your relationship with your clients and differentiating you from your competition.

Do you implement green solutions?

GreenValue can help you to increase your sales by deliver ing more qualified leads for your products and services.

How it works?

GreenValue is developing a new technology engine called GBIT – GreenValue Business Improvement Tool – which includes:

An online business opportunity assessment.

an easy to complete, but thought provoking questionnaire which highlights the top priority green actions for improving a client’s business

A performance dashboard

a frequently updated dashboard which shows you at a glance the value of actual and potential green actions to your client’s business

Business case generator

making it easy for you to create an RoI-based business case that your client can use to gain commitment to implement the priority green projects


technical and subject matter support


on key matters relating to green business whether it be new government schemes, legislation, standards or new technology and products

Web portal

which presents your products and services in a structured form so that potential clients can see how they can start on the journey to improving their business performance by going green, who they can work with and what you can do for them

GreenValue also provides technical and subject matter support to our partners so that they can provide the best service to you.

How can I find out more?

If you want to find out more about GreenValue and GBIT and are interested in becoming part of this network please contact:

0843 8864 843

How much does the GreenVaue tool cost?

Cost and Energy Management Partners

The minimum annual licence charge per consultant is £500. This allows the consultant the use of GBIT for up to 5 clients. Each subsequent client is charged at an additional annual cost of £100. This includes technical and subject matter support, web presence and marketing, as well as regular information updates.

Supplier and Delivery Partners

The focus of GBIT is the generation of leads and it is on this basis that we charge Supplier Partners. These will be qualified leads because they are generated as a result of the client completing the GBIT structured assessment with the consultancy partner. This enables you to increase your sales and reduce your current lead generation costs. We anticipate the price per lead to be no more than 5% of your sale.